18 November, 2017

IMG_9484ARA turtle on the beach on the North Shore. IMG_9489ARThe judges stands for the Hawaiian Pro, first jewel of the Triple Crown of Surfing. IMG_9490AR Read More »

15 November, 2017

IMG_9434ARBanyan Tree at Kawela Bay.  The sign on the left says it was in Lost and Pirates of the Caribbean. IMG_9442ARRocky Point IMG_9443AR...

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19 October, 2017

IMG_9158ARMy tour posed with Chinaman’s Hat. IMG_9167ARA well camouflaged crab in Hau’ula. IMG_9171ARA monk seal on the beach in Hau’ula. IMG_9175ARThis beach is…

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12 October, 2017

IMG_8869ARKaneohe Bay. Gillagan’s Island is on the right. IMG_8876AARThe Crouching Lion.  It’s become a popular hike recently with views of Kahana Bay. IMG_8917ARMy tour getting a shot of a surfer at…

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11 October, 2017

IMG_8815AR2Sunset Beach, calm here on October 11th, is forecast to be 12-18 feet Hawaiian on October 27th; that’s 18-30 foot faces.  The Winter season is nearing and the surf competitions will be starting soon.  The HIC Pro at Sunset Beach starts October 27th.  Then the Vans Triple…

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10 October, 2017

IMG_8780BROn a clear day you can see Maui. IMG_8783ARI’ve overheard several tour guides tell folks that the higher mountain to the far left, is West Maui.  That is incorrect.  The high part on the left is East Molokai at…

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9 October, 2017

IMG_8608ARBeach access to Rocky Point IMG_8646ARRocky Point IMG_8682ARPupukea IMG_8710ARPupukea IMG_8740AR Read More »

30 September, 2017

2012-2017SepSeptember of last year, we set a record for the most tours given in a month, at 79 tours.  July of this year we broke our record, giving 101 tours. We just broke that record this month, giving 110 tours. 2014Sep-2017Sep Read More »

27 September, 2017

IMG_8536AR25Today’s tour took at dip at Sunset Beach. IMG_8537R25An example of what Not to do.  We have a saying that if the rocks are wet, you don’t want to be there, because that means the waves have been going…

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24 September, 2017

The flower on the Naupaka plant tells the story of two lovers separated by status and location.The flower on the Naupaka plant tells the story of two lovers separated by status and location. The flower of the Monkeypod tree. Albizia saman is...
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