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18 November, 2017

IMG_9484ARA turtle on the beach on the North Shore. IMG_9489ARThe judges stands for the Hawaiian Pro, first jewel of the Triple Crown of Surfing. IMG_9490ARAnother turtle coming ashore….

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15 November, 2017

IMG_9434ARBanyan Tree at Kawela Bay.  The sign on the left says it was in Lost and Pirates of the Caribbean. IMG_9442ARRocky Point IMG_9443AR Read More »

19 October, 2017

IMG_9158ARMy tour posed with Chinaman’s Hat. IMG_9167ARA well camouflaged crab in Hau’ula. IMG_9171AR...

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12 October, 2017

IMG_8869ARKaneohe Bay. Gillagan’s Island is on the right. IMG_8876AARThe Crouching Lion.  It’s become a popular hike recently with views of Kahana Bay. IMG_8917ARMy tour getting a shot of…

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11 October, 2017

IMG_8815AR2Sunset Beach, calm here on October 11th, is forecast to be 12-18 feet Hawaiian on October 27th; that’s 18-30 foot faces.  The Winter season is nearing and the surf competitions will be starting soon.  The HIC Pro at Sunset Beach starts October 27th.  Then the Vans…

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10 October, 2017

IMG_8780BROn a clear day you can see Maui. IMG_8783ARI’ve overheard several tour guides tell folks that the higher mountain to the far left, is West Maui.  That is incorrect.  The high part on the left is East…

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9 October, 2017

IMG_8608ARBeach access to Rocky Point IMG_8646ARRocky Point IMG_8682ARPupukea IMG_8710ARPupukea IMG_8740AR3…

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30 September, 2017

2012-2017SepSeptember of last year, we set a record for the most tours given in a month, at 79 tours.  July of this year we broke our record, giving 101 tours. We just broke that record this month, giving 110 tours. Read More »

27 September, 2017

IMG_8536AR25Today’s tour took at dip at Sunset Beach. IMG_8537R25An example of what Not to do.  We have a saying that if the rocks are wet, you don’t want to be there, because that means the waves have…

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24 September, 2017

The flower on the Naupaka plant tells the story of two lovers separated by status and location....

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