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Photo Blog

July 2, 2024

Today we hiked the Manoa Falls trail, and the Kalawahine trail. Manoa Falls trail is about 1 mile each way.  The Kalawahine trails is 1.5 miles each way.  Plus we did part of Pauoa trail to get to the lookout which added about 0.5 miles each way.  So we hiked about 6 miles.  And…

June 30, 2024

Here’s some of the places that we went on our private tour yesterday. Dole Pineapple, pineapple fields.   A Rainbow Shower tree lit by the sun at Matosumoto’s Shaved Ice in Hale’iwa.   A juvenile turtle at Laniakea beach.   L7, Wooley Bully, long-time resident Green Sea Turtle at Laniakea   Seeds…

Honolulu City Lights Tour August 11, 2018

We start off our Honolulu City Lights tour with a view of the sunset.   Wow, such good lighting from the sunset at Magic Island, with Diamond Head and Waikiki in the background.   Just waiting for it to get dark before continuing on with the rest of the Honolulu City Lights Tour. Such a…

6 January 2018

Started out the tour with a view of Diamond Head from Tantalus. This is a view of the Moon while we were at Tantalus. View of Punchbowl Crater from Tantalus Rd. Their cruise ship is just behind the crater rim. Hawaiian Monk Seal, named Honey Girl. She’s had 10 pups, the first one is ‘Ipo….

2 January 2018

A turtle on the beach in the morning. Surf contest in Hale’iwa. A surfer at Pipeline, tucking into a barrel at Backdoor. A breaking wave at Pounders beach. The Australian kids wanted to go “wave bashing”, so I took them to Pounders beach. GoPro video from snorkeling and bodysurfing.      

25 December 2017

Koko Crater Christmas morning. Daniel, Cindy, Alex, Anna, Nancy Nancy volunteered for the Chinaman’s Hat photo. The Giant Turtle and the Momma Elephant with the baby elephant following behind her. Hawaiian Monk Seal Hawaiian Monk Seal on the beach. A surfer getting barreled at Sunset Beach. The girls on the beach at Sunset Beach. Mom…

24 December 2017

Hawaiian Monk Seal on the beach in Hau’ula. This one is Ipo. Hawaiian Monk Seal on the beach. This one’s name is Honey Girl. She is the mother of Ipo. Hawaiian Monk Seal, named Honey Girl. She’s had 10 pups, the first one is ‘Ipo. This was a sad day; one of he most recent…

12 December, 2017

Hawaiian Monk Seal on the beach in Hau’ula Hawaiian Monk Seal in Hau’ula Palm trees in Hau’ula Billibong Pipe Masters at Ehukai Beach Park Conditions were not good for the contest, but this must have been one of the Pros, there was a film crew interviewing him before he went in to the water. Flowers…

10 December, 2017

There were 2 surfers out at outside Rock Piles. Pipeline was not in good enough form for the contest this day. Waimea Bay Not a lot of photos this day.  The tour spent 3 hours at Kualoa Ranch doing the 2 hour horse-back riding tour.

8 December, 2017

Haleiwa Pipeline Whales at Pipeline Whales at Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline My tour watching the surf contest at Pipeline. Selfie on the beach at Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline viewed from Rocky Point Pipeline Pipeline Rocky Point Rocky Point Rocky Point

26 November, 2017

Hawaiian Monk Seal My tour enjoying the beach at Rockpiles.    Kid surfer at Hale’iwa.  

23 November, 2017

A Turtle at Byodo-In Temple Papayas Red Ginger Autograph tree The airport viewed from Tantalus