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Honolulu City Lights Tour August 11, 2018


We start off our Honolulu City Lights tour with a view of the sunset.


Wow, such good lighting from the sunset at Magic Island, with Diamond Head and Waikiki in the background.


Just waiting for it to get dark before continuing on with the rest of the Honolulu City Lights Tour. Such a great spot to view the sunset.


This location is very popular for wedding photos and professional portraits. Lots of other photographers there for the sunset.


The King Kamehameha statue. The building in the background is featured in Hawaii Five-O.


Iolani Palace. I tell one of my favorite stories about the queen and how she wrote the song, Sanoe.


In the Summer-time, we stop by Punahou school to view the Night-blooming Cereus flowers that bloom on the cactus that grows on the wall that surrounds the school. The flowers bloom only at night, and for one night only, and only in the Summer.


Tantalus lookout, the final stop on our Honolulu City Lights Tour.


Tantalus lookout. The photo was kind of rushed because it started raining, which is typical for Manoa Valley, but it comes in waves so if you’re patient you even get a good view of the stars. We saw Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Scorpius, and the Tea Pot of Sagittarius.


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