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Jungle Hike

Quick Details

Group of 1 to 4 people
Group of 5 to 11 people

Hike at your own pace!

We have the official permit from DLNR which allows us to give guided hikes on 7 trails.

We are offering hikes on 2 trails, Kalawahine or Manoa Falls.

Manoa Falls is one of the most popular hikes on Oahu, so there is usually a lot of people on this hike. The hike is about 1 mile each way. The amount of water on the falls is sometimes disappointing, but the hike through the jungle to get there is really nice. It often rains on this trail while you’re hiking, and of course if it’s raining, there will be more water on the falls. They’ve improved the trail with gravel so that it’s not as muddy as it used to be. The trail ends about 50 feet from the falls and you are not allowed to proceed past the barrier; there is no pool to swim in at the bottom of the falls, just boulders from fallen rock-slides.

Kalawahine is an easy hike on a dirt path with almost no elevation gain on the trail since we’ve already driven up the mountain. There are lots of flowers, trees, ferns, evidence of lava flows, and pink guava and strawberry guava when in season. Kalawahine trail is 1.5 miles, but we can turn back at any point. The trail gives vast views of Leeward Oahu looking toward the airport and Pearl Harbor, from an elevation of about 1500 feet.