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27 September, 2017

IMG_8536AR25Today’s tour took at dip at Sunset Beach.

IMG_8537R25An example of what Not to do.  We have a saying that if the rocks are wet, you don’t want to be there, because that means the waves have been going there.  That goes for sand as well as rocks, especially on the North Shore.  The waves and currents are stronger than you’d expect.

IMG_8559AR33A surfer at Off The Wall today.

IMG_8565AR28Kaena Point as seen from Secret Turtle Beach.
We got lucky and there was 1 parking space left.

IMG_8566R28The water is starting to get rough as we’ve entered into Fall.  We only saw 3 turtles there today, 2 baby ones, and an adult.  I did see a larger one in another area as I was leaving.




IMG_8589A28This rock caught my eye because it resembles the East side of Oahu with the Ko’olau mountains and Kaneohe Bay.


IMG_8593R28A turtle on the beach at Ali’i Beach Park.

IMG_8594AR28Diamond Head as viewed from Tantalus.
This was taken with my 18-400mm lens, at 18mm.
The next photo was taken with the same lens, at 400mm.

IMG_8596R28The hotel of today’s guests, is just left of center in this photo.
They were awesome, mother and daughter from Canada.
They even laughed at my stupid jokes.
And the daughter is a fan of Jimmy Carr.

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