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19 October, 2017


My tour posed with Chinaman’s Hat.

IMG_9167ARA well camouflaged crab in Hau’ula.

IMG_9171ARA monk seal on the beach in Hau’ula.

This beach is such a frequent resting spot for the Hawaiian Monk Seals that they’ve installed this information panel.

IMG_9179ARThis side of the island gets a lot of debris washed up onto shore because of the trade-winds.  We’ve gotten some interesting stuff wash up since the tsunami in Japan.

IMG_9179CropThe Japanese woman on my tour, judging by the writing on this botttle suggests that this came from Taiwan.

IMG_9181ARSunset Beach.

IMG_9198ARThis kid at Rocky Point got barrelled on this wave and made it out clean.

IMG_9251ARA turtle on the beach on the North Shore.

IMG_9256ARMy tour spotted another turtle in the water.

IMG_9269ARSunset from the North Shore.

IMG_9289ARMy tour planned their vacation to be in Hawaii when there was no Moon, so they could see the stars.  This is the Milky Way from the North Shore.

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