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Details & Qualifications

  • Tour drivers start at $120 a day for an 8 hour tour ($15/hr)
  • Drivers keep their tips which are usually between $5 – $20 per person
  • Drivers receive a $30 bonus for 5 star reviews on Yelp or TripAdvisor
  • Employees are enrolled for TDI and Workman’s Comp
  • Drivers can increase their base pay $6/day ($0.75/hr) per qualification, by getting any combination of the following qualifications (As of 4 Oct, 2017, I’m limiting the pay increases to 3, if you are also getting medical insurance):
    1. CPR card
    2. First Aid card
    3. State Tour Guide certification (found herehere, or here)
    4. Lifeguard Certification
    5. Snorkel/Diver instructor
    6. Second language speaker, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish.
  • Tour drivers need to have a good knowledge of the cultural and geological history of the island.
  • Be flexible and available, there are days where there are no tours, days where we may have a lot of tours, and days where we get requests for tours at the last minute. We especially need drivers for the weekends.
  • Tour drivers are required to carry on them at all times a Medical Certificate that is required by the DOT. It can be obtained at most clinics such as Straub Occupational Health.
  • Be able to drive tour vans up to 15 passenger.
  • Drivers are responsible for cleaning the vans after each tour.
  • Drivers are issued a set of snorkel masks that they are required to sanitize and bring on each tour, a gas card, business cards, and name tag.
  • Have a great personality, and be able to narrate to groups up to 13 people per van.